Chris is a UK based professional photographer of 30 years specialising in the commercial and advertising world. On location and in his studio Chris uses the latest digital technology enabling him to capture and enhance images quickly and efficiently, using his vast experience in all areas of post production.

Chris is also passionate about nature and wildlife photography.  He travels across the world to experience and capture moments as diverse as tropical thunderstorms and wild animals in their natural habitat. When capturing these images he likes to show both the intricate and awe inspiring aspects of nature. He particularly enjoys photographing details that are mostly hidden from the naked eye and some of his most inspiring images have captured a unique moment in time, never to be repeated.

Chris Perrett

"Art is man added to Nature."
Sir Francis Bacon

Chris Perrett Photographer

naturesart photography

"I have not tried to reproduce nature: I have represented it." Paul Cezanne

Some of Chris's favourite images.

Okavango Delta

Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the year final stages 2011 and 2012

Royal Horticultural Soceity (RHS) Gold medal winner

Shortlisted for the 2014 ZSL Animal Photography Prize.